Digital PR Guidebook – PR Newswire

Digital PR Guidebook – PR Newswire

Topic: Introduction to volume III of Digital PR Guidebook, published by PR Newswire.


Media: Digital PR Guidebook – PR Newswire

« The first approach with a brand, a new product or any entity lies more and more through online
word-of-mouth, generated by consumers or digital stakeholders. There’s a fantastic gap between the amount of conversations or Google results sourced from the corporate itself and user-generated content. David Weinberg, at LeWeb ’08 conference, declared that ‘reputational democracy is very dependent on very small choices (…) Power is now THROUGH the system, not above.
Consumers are now true reputation’s shareholders: they own the online capital of the brand, can invest time in it (playing with the last application or going to the event website is a kind of
ressource allocation), and are expecting dividends for this engagement. These dividends can
obviously be very diverse: couponing, access to backstage, exclusive information etc. »

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