« 12 Questions With Laurent François  » – WeRSM

« 12 Questions With Laurent François  » – WeRSM

Topic: An interview on creativity and social media


Media: WeRSM


 Therefore, at Re-Up we consider that social media are more than people willingly talking to each other: it actually embraces all direct or indirect interactions generated willingly or not, by people who are going to generate change among one or more individuals. Think about the footprint you’ve left by running while your Nike+ is working: the itinerary is going to influence the suggested paths for other users. So social media now plays with suggestion and prescription powers.,

The more interesting channel, is actually the “tangible” world: walls, streets, roads are also social channels per se. We used to analyse how a city works through its urbanism; in a sense, social media is more and more similar to a job of an architect, dealing with the mayor of London!

Thus, in the short term, as digital impacts the whole public domain, people are really interested in more private networks and people really want to own their privacy.

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